Rep. Collins: City Leaders Must Start Standing Up for Law and Order

Sandy Fitzgerald | Newsmax

"This is not about coming in and shutting down a city," the Georgia Republican said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom." "We have to have a community that actually has law enforcement, people that do their job, do it right, (and) 99.9% of all of these police officers do it right. We need to get the bad ones out."

Communities must also understand what their role is in being part of a civil society, but "when you have mayors and elected members of Congress who blame the police and say everything else will fall in line, that is not the way the civil society works," said Collins. "That's why you see what you are seeing. It has got to stop. People do not need to feel unsafe in their communities."

Collins also on Friday said he's concerned that students in many parts of the country won't be going back to school this fall because of fears of spreading coronavirus.

"My wife is retired from teaching," he said. "Those younger minds need a teacher. They need to be in a classroom...parents need to be a part of education as well but there is an important place for our teachers."

And if schools don't reopen, "we are going to pay for this for several years down the road," said Collins. "But we also have an environment where most of the mainstream media, especially on the left, is advocating a shutdown, a society that lives in fear, and unfortunately, a lot of that has to do with political leanings."

Collins added that schools can reopen safely, but educators and parents are getting scared because "every time they turn on a media outlet, (it) says the worst is near."

He also discussed the situation in Georgia after Gov. Brian Kemp has sued Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over her mask mandate for the city.

"This governor has actually told people that they need to wear masks," said Collins. "This is not about people not wearing masks. I would ask the mayor how are you going to enforce this? Police are struggling to maintain law and order. Use common sense."