Supports Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities?


Doug has consistently scored an A rating from NumbersUSA throughout his career (2013-2020). He is against amnesty and for border protection.

[1] Key legislation Doug Collins cosponsored:

H.R. 3360, Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act – Prevents asylum fraud,
ending an incentive for illegal aliens to weaponize our nation’s asylum system to come
across the border. 

H.R. 1412, the Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act – Ensures NICS is alerted if an illegal alien
attempts to purchase a firearm.

H.R. 250, Legal Workforce Act – Requires employers in the United States to utilize the
E-Verify system.

H.R. 1397, Notify ICE Act – Requires NICS report to ICE individuals who are deemed
ineligible to own a firearm through its system because of their legal status.

H.R. 586, Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act – Protects legitimate asylum seekers and
minors at our Southern border by closing loopholes that increases our asylum system’s

H.R. 140, Birthright Citizenship Act – Ends birthright citizenship, erasing the incentive
for illegal aliens to give birth in the United States.