American values for generations to come

Tiffany Morgan | Fetch Your News

Congressman Doug Collins spoke on the Dahlonega Square, as part of his statewide tour – over 60 stops – leading up to election day. Senator Steve Gooch hosted the event and spoke to attendees about Collin’s American values.

Collins said before going into the polls, there has to be a vision and purpose and he spoke on the square to help the public see one.

“It’s time for sunrise in Georgia again. It’s time for sunrise in America where we’re looking ahead and not behind,” Collins said.

Collins had three reasons for him being in the race: his three children. His children are a representation for generations to come in America, which is something he said is important to continue to grow with American principles. Gooch said that Collins represents conservative values in North Georgia and believes he is the best choice to vote for.

Gooch additionally said David Perdue needs someone like Collins to push the Georgia values in Washington.

“Doug has been a conservative fighter and defender of Donald Trump,” Gooch said. “There’s so much at stake in this election. You have a clear choice in the presidential race but also you have clear choices on the down ballot ticket as well.”

Collins said he is a big believer in what the Founders built America on.

“When somebody guarantees you happiness, they’re taking it from somebody else to give it to you,” Collins said. “That’s not the America we live in. We live in a place where we have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to fulfill what God has put inside of you to go do.”

Collins has 20 more stops in the region and said being able to see the people in-person and “speak on his feet” is important for him as part of his journey leading up to election day.

Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black also spoke on the square about Collins. Black said money can buy a lot of things but what Collins has cannot be bought.

“Money will never buy integrity. Money will never buy courage…that’s the man that we’re going to bring up because he has courage, he has integrity,” Black said. “He’s stood solid for all of us, he’ll stand solid for the next generations and he will stand solid for America and Georgia for generations to come.”