5 Reasons Why Kamala Harris Is Bad For Georgia

Kamala Harris is not the right choice for the American people. She is firmly against many core constitutional values. Her anti-American perspectives would be detrimental to the great citizens of Georgia and United States as a whole. Here's her track record on some of the most important issues: 

1. Pro-Abortion 

According to GovTrack, Harris has the most liberal voting record in the Senate - even surpassing Bernie Sanders - which includes a 100% pro-choice voting record! Horrible! 

2. Strict Gun Control Laws

Harris called the Stand Your Ground laws "racist" and unsafe for communities. Sounds like she doesn't trust the American people who have a constitutional right to bear arms! If she has it her way, she'll abolish the 2nd Amendment and confiscate our guns.

3. Immigration Policy

Harris plans to legalize all illegal aliens by widening eligibility for DACA and starting a Dreams Parole-In-Place Program. She's also in favor of taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants!

4. Defund the Police

Can you believe Harris applauded L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s $150 million slashing of funds for law enforcement? She even questioned if law enforcement had provided the best return on the taxpayers investment! 

5. Anti-Trump

Harris often criticizes President Trump and is quick to blame him for everything. We can't afford to put someone like her one heartbeat away from becoming President and destroying all of the progress our country has made under his conservative leadership.